This collection tries to keep the original Iranian symbols alive by using Iranian, traditional symbols and Islamic designs. In the Persian  stuff design, the Cameron Zigzag logo is also included among the Iranian designs to make this stuff the main and representative stuff of the Cameron Zigzag. The main print of this stuff is gold and silver, which has given a unique and radiant effect to this collection. This collection has changed in recent years and customer tastes have been updated.


For thousands of years, original Iranian art has been the beauty of the palace of kings around the world. Carpet is considered a symbol of Iranian art all over the world. This collection has been designed with the help of the artists of this country who are sitting on the heights of history. In this collection, spray, vase, tree and Islamic carpets have been used.


Iran is one of the most important sources of literature in the world. Saadi, Ferdowsi Hafez are well-known Iranian poets in the world whose poetry is immortal in the history of this country. In this collection, the faces, tombs and poems of poets have been used to keep their memory in our memory. Also, in the color combination of this collection, the tricolor flag of Iran has been used so that this collection acquires a more national color and smell.


The Achaemenid name is tied to immense authority and glory. In this collection, we have tried to depict the glorious and golden Achaemenid era. The name of this collection is given to commemorate the first empire of the Achaemenid world and in the design of its fabric, the remnants of Pasargadae such as columns, capitals, coins and lithographs have been used. The design of this fabric is unique and unique in its kind.


The supreme painter of existence is God In this collection, we have tried to depict natural beauties, which is the only art of the Creator of the universe. Animals that symbolize speed, beauty, dignity and elegance have been used in the design of this collection. The design of these animals is the art of Cameron Zigzag artists who depict animals vividly on stuff.


From Amir Kabir to the Qajar kings have lived in this vast country, each of whom has taken a positive or negative step. These caricatures are reminiscent of the black and white greats in the history of the country. In this stuff ,we have tried to keep the memory of these people alive and the memory of these people is engraved on the design of our clothes so that their positive and negative actions are not forgotten and it is a lesson for the future. This stuff is the illustrated history of Iran.


The ancient Iranians considered the snake as a sign of life and health. The snake, whose indescribable beauty is also mentioned in literature, has always been considered by fashion designers. This collection is designed and produced with the idea of ​​taking various designs of snake skin.


The growth path of Cameron Zigzag can be seen in this collection. The way we went The people who were with us are depicted in this fabric to commemorate this long journey that is more than 12 years old. This stuff has been updated more than 3 times so far and you can now see its latest design.



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