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Founder and CEO​​​​​​​

Kamran bakhtiyari​​​​​​​

Cameron Zigzal started off in 2004 in London, England by designer and owner Kamran Bakhtiyari during his student years at London school of fashion. Being a Textile student Kamran became associated with different quality of fabrics.  Kamran strived within his course and he became more fascinated by the idea of producing his own label and decided to run with his brand, what is right now Cameron Zigzal.  An elegant,  luxury clothing brand with a well established business strategy in relation, on how the brand should be promoted and the type of customers which are targeted.
What makes this designer and brand so unique is that they use their motto straight from start to finish which is “You dream, we make it real” Which pretty much sums up Cameron Zigzal and the whole idea of it being specially made just for you the client (haute couture) and how every design is different from each other and that you are sure that you are the only person who has this tailor made garment. The term "haute couture" is French. Haute means "high" or "elegant." Couture literally means "sewing," but has come to indicate the business of designing, creating, and selling custom-made, high fashion women and men’s clothes.
Cameron zigzal clothing line is all handmade by experienced tailors, from selection of the fabric to the brushing off the shoulders of the client while it’s being fitted. The whole process it takes till the end is a very sophisticated one as the client is the centre of attention. The client can make an appointment before they turn up at the luxurious Dream mansion where your dream becomes real. They are treated with like royalty where as they walk in they are greeted with a personal assistant, and stylist
Here at Cameron ZigZal our mission is to democratize the fashion industry and empower you with ample opportunities to have your voice heard. That's what keeps us fresh, relevant, and growing by leaps and bounds! We invite you to comb through our clever product descriptions, flip through our collections, view our exclusive videos, shop and acquire unique one-of-a-kind designs and get in touch with one of our friendly customer care representatives if you have any questions.
Kamran Bakhtiyari is an endless trendsetter and he understands how to design modern clothing that has timeless appeal and individuality. Kamran has designed clothes for famous celebrities in such as Reza Yazdani, Saeed Arab, Mohsen Mosalman and many others.
To say Kamram Bakhtiyar is influential is an understatement. He is a driving force of the brand, where his designs set a distinct ambiance and define the top trends within each season. Never a dull moment seems to be the designer's philosophy, as he turns out collection after collection.

Kamran Bakhtiyari, relying on the value and artistic aspect of clothing should be preserved, tries to create a masterpiece of art in the form of clothing and accessories. Masterpieces presented at the level of haute couture. Cameron Zigzal Company is able to create masterpieces different from other designs on the market by considering golden ideas and unique details. Knowledge and creativity are two Obvious features of Cameron Zigzal that lead to the design of a wide variety of products. It can be said that the distinguishing feature of Cameron Zigzal from others is not being limited to styles and daring in creating new ideas and making personal patterns.

The quality, art and creation of your dreams have been the three main goals of the Cameron Zigzal brand over the years. Art of civilization in accordance with Iranian identity and culture, in the form of collections such as Achaemenid, Persian, ancient, carpet and Iran, which is a reflection of the brand designer to maintain the originality and supply of Iranian culture and art to the world fashion industry. Cameron Zigzal Company tries to cover everything that an ideal style needs by using expert forces such as expert designers, professional stylists as well as using quality materials.



The company's production line includes children's, adolescent, women's and men's clothing in various styles and accessories including bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, ties, handkerchiefs, Scarf , pens, belts and etc. All products are made by expert artists and it is possible to make molds for shoes and bags.

​​​​​​​When entering different branches of Cameron or on online platforms, Customers can buy or register an order easily and by the help of the experts. Considering that the experts of the Cameron are academically and experimentally specialized in the fields of design, styling, colorimetry, organology, etc .and can Customize the  best possible style in accordance with ceremony, the taste and opinion of the customers , at the same time comfort and relaxation of customer according to the form of the body, skin color and budget is considered as well . 
Also, due to the need of the society for variety and broadness in clothing, Cameron Zigzal Company offers its designs not only in formal clothing design but also in informal, sports and comfortable clothing to the society and the fashion industry.

Haute Couture:

Due to the fact that textile design and fabrication is done by Cameron Zigzal's expert team, it is possible to design and produce family sets including mother, father and children. 

Family Sets: 

Institutions, organizations and public and private departments can refer to Cameron Zigzal branches to prepare uniforms for their members according to the necessary standards and register their order.

Organizational Design: ​

Seray Ala​​​​​​​ Restaurant Uniform

It is possible to create a personal line in the factory in the name of the person who orders. In this way , the pattern making team according to the measurements taken in the branches from the client , to make personal patterns and templates, and future orders are even possible in person's absence (online) or by phone.

Create a personal line: 

Designing and proposing a style is not limited to one option, but according to the lifestyle and the power of combining details, it is possible that everything that is needed in a complete style, including a suit, shirt, tie and handkerchiefs, scarf, belt and shoes and etc (For men's style) Evening clothes, coats, jewelry, bags, shoes, hats, etc. (for women's style) should be provided. After consulting with the brand stylists, it is time to choose the material.

Customers would go to the fabric room with experts and choose the fabric and other details (embroidery, jewelry embroidery, etc.) according to the conclusions made in the design. All materials used in the products have the highest quality and are available in English, Italian and exporting Iranian types. It is also possible to design and produce details such as appliqués, button designs, belt buckles, brooches and etc by gold, silver, bronze, steel and etc bases.

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